To See or Not to See

(That is the question)

Being aware of but not having any interest in the Academy Awards I admit that I’m not a movie devotee but I do from time to time have some interests in seeing a “good” movie, especially when it is promoted as either having Christian values or a Christian theme.

In view of this I learn of the mass popularity of films today by the reports of the dollars they generate. I deduce from this that many of my Christian friends probably contribute to this pot of gold. causes me to wonder. I wonder about three things; What does God think about lining the pockets of those who contribute to so much sludge? How do Christians justify supporting nudity,profanity, obscene speech, and taking God’s name in vain.Finally how do certain film makers justify promoting some films as Christian or of high family values while including such content.

At the onset let me first give you the standard I use to determine if I would even venture to consider seeing any movie (Romans 14) I make every effort to become biblically informed of a

film before I decide to see it. I can tolerate, but not approve of, violence, the “F” word, the “S” word, the “D” word and the “H” word. I conclude that such language reveals crudeness, immaturity, and ……to say the least.

I further can tolerate violence but think it has many debilitating effects on the minds and hearts of our culture. I may even reluctantly tolerate bare buts and buns as offensive as that is. (I’m not a total prude) But the irreverent use of the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in any form: God, Jesus, or Christ, is a whole different matter. This is where I draw the line. I cannot and will not knowingly go to movie if God’s name is in any way demeaned or not used to glorify Him, and for the life of me I cannot comprehend how any true believer in Jesus Christ can do so either.

Frequently I hear some Christian talk about a movie they had just seen, oftentimes stating how good it was only to find that it was one I thought I would want to see but rejected because of the line I draw. There were times when I was inadequately informed about a movie and found myself seeing or hearing that which I knew was an offense to God, particularly the misuse of His

name, so I left the theater.

It’s sad to hear Christians say such things as “it was a great movie with only a few objectionable” parts in it, as if the objectionable parts are not offensive to the gospel. Its

like saying your teen age daughter is only a little bit pregnant.

As I was raising my under aged children we monitored their entertainment choices by accessing Christian resources to guide our approvals and disapprovals. As they grew older resources were left in plain view for their access. I often reminded them that those resources were there as a reminder that the Holy Spirit would convict them of bad choices. They would consult or ignore them at your own parle . They did not have freedom to make entertainment choices in our home. As for me (my wife) and our house we will serve the Lord. As a husband and father I was duty bound to control the entertainment content inside our home. Outside the home I trusted the Holy Spirit to do His thing.

I do not leave my guidance of movie selection up to the motion picture industries ratings folks. How can natural people who understand not the things of God guide Christians. Some Christian folks tell folks like me to “but out” In regards to issues like this based on Roman’s Chapter 14:1-10. Quite frankly I don’t know how to settle on its application as to what we see or don’t at the theater. But I do know that it gives God Glory to revere His name. So the line remains. Don’t go. Don’t contribute. Hallowed be Thy Name O Lord!

Gus Supan