Dear family and friends,

In my youth I was sold the Santa Claus lie and believed the mystery man would bring me stuff if I was good.

But then someone at school told me that it was not Santa but my parents who brought me the gifts. The magic of Christmas was gone!

Later on I learned that Jesus gives us life, our daily bread and everything else we have (including Christmas presents). It was Jesus after all who gave me the gifts on Christmas morn!

Moreover when I was in my late thirties I discovered that the greatest Gift is Jesus Christ Himself. “God so loved the world that he gave his Son”. I then surrendered my life to Him.

I now wonder if it was because I was indoctrinated with the lies that the gift giver was Santa and not Christ by my parents, nuns and priest, and that it had to be based on my doing good works (If I was nice and not naughty) I would get the gifts of God; forgiveness. peace with God, and the peace of God. Maybe that was my start of trusting Jesus plus good works for salvation. I’m sure other good works lessons were in play.

The Christmas Gift is FREE, “The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

Christmas day is too short to celebrate “The Gift”, His grace and goodness. A lifetime isn’t enough!

If we have received Jesus as Lord and Savior by faith without works, we have all life and eternity to enjoy and praise God for His amazing Gift.

May the peace and joy of Christ be with you and your loved ones.

Vesel božič (Merry Christmas in sLOVEnian)
Srecno Novo Leto (Happy New Year sLOVEnian)
Gus and Phyllis Supan