Supan Says

Being a political junky causes me to ponder how should I vote this Republican primary cycle? Should I vote for who is most electable? Should I vote for the candidate who has the best chance of beating President Obama? Should I vote for the candidate that is best positioned to keep terrorist at bay, handle our international threats, resolve the immigration problems we face? Should I vote for the candidate who can best turn the economy around, lower the unemployment rate, balance the budget, reduce the deficit, move the Dow Jones numbers up towards 14,000 points, push down gas prices, fix the housing crisis, and improve all the other financial factors? Should I consider voting for someone who will promise me the largest, longest and most handouts?

I further ask myself,how would Jesus vote? This question raises a new volley of questions. Is Jesus more interested in these or other things? Would He say “It’s the economy stupid!” Would He vote for the candidate that is pro-life or pro abortion? Would He vote for the candidate that is antihomosexual lifestyle? Wouldn’t he vote for a candidate that is pro family values as a priority? Wouldn’t He vote for someone who is openly and privately committed to His Father? Would He choose a person who advocates same sex marriage?

These questions being asked and contemplated, it would appear to be a no-brainer. As we vote, should we not consider His direction when He said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these other things will be added to you.”

We have government with it’s three branches barely moral and and a constitution that is barely honored and a country sliding to Gomorra. It seems that men will not make much of a difference. Only God can fix us. Fallen leaders cannot repair a fallen society. Only God can do that through changed lives and only Jesus can change lives. What has better results a vote or a changed life?

Cal Thomas said,” God’s power is unlimited. Man’s power is very limited. Too many Christians seem happy to settle for the lesser power because they think it is a shortcut to ratifying their beliefs and seeing them reflected in the public square (their vote). That’s an illusion. The first thing we learn about Satan is that he is “crafty” or “subtle,” so isn’t it part of his strategy to get us to focus just a little less on Jesus and a lot more on what he is doing?”

I can’t Help but envision God sitting on His throne observing with tears what we have become as a nation.

Do we really think He gets more glory by what we have over by how well we live. Will our vote be predicated onwhat we want or the values by which we live? Did He not leave us a Book to guide us on how to make these all important choices? Will we vote for our values or His.

The constitution provides us the means of determining our leadership. John Adams aptly said, “Our Constitution was made for moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Unfortunately we are for the greater part a nation of immoral and irreligious people. We elect who we are.

Will we look away from our IPhones, IPads, computers, movies, tv programs, sporting and recreational addictions long enough to see the sorry condition of our once great country and it’s rapidly declining downward spiral. How should we vote? How would you counsel me to vote? Or should I vote at all? I was told Jesus would. He would render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. What is Cesar’s is also God’s so the answer is to turn immoral man to Christ.

Is it really the economy, stupid? Or Kingdom living, stupid?

Don’t forget to vote. Jesus would! I will. One final note. God thinks in terms of centuries we think in terms of four more years. Remember He gets the last vote.

Gus Supan