It is with disappointing amazement that I watched the segment of the O’Reilly Factor tonight dealing with whether there is life after death, to hear Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist of Dallas let Bill O’Rielly get away with stating twice that he believes “you have to earn your way into heaven.”

My disappointment is compounded because I had the opportunity to meet Pastor Jeffress at a Pastor’s luncheon in The Greater Cleveland area last Wednesday, during which I asked him if he ever had an opportunity to discuss the Gospel with O’rielly at which he said, “Yes, but he’s off the ranch.”

To be fair Jeffress did close with a comment that anyone, be he Christian, Catholic, Jew, or Muslim, who acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will enter heaven.

My further problem is that I would not expect a leader of one of the largest Evangelical Christian Churches in America avoid the opportunity of making a clear expression of the Gospel to a large audience which clearly is by grace alone and not by works lest any man should boast. As a frequent fan of the O’Reilly Factor I get a good sense that Mr. O’Reilly is not shy of identifying his good works.
A Gospel based on good works earning salvation is great fodder for pride, the prominent capitol sin. We are all prone to do that.

Gus Supan