Just a few ancillary comments about the Duck Dynasty brush up with the world.

When incidence like this take front and center in our culture it prompts me to ask questions. First and foremost is what is God doing here? Next, how does He want me to respond? Does He want me to respond? Nothing happens that is not under His sovereign ordinance, nothing good, nothing bad and nothing in between. He is in it!

Probably the answer to these questions is different for everyone or maybe not. So I’ll have at it. I pray it will honor Him and bless and encourage you.

First I want to say that I admire Phil Robertson for his bold upfront admission of his commitment to Christ. Even as God is sovereign over every word he spoke, it probably would have been better if he would have tempered a few of his graphic expressions.

It seems to me that God wants to use this to wake up Christians to stop softening His word and to remind us of our obligation to proclaim the truth no matter the consequences. Sin is sin no matter what the world thinks or says.

It is important that Christians be biblically astute and prepared to draw a distinct line between what is sin and what is not, in this case homosexuality. We must not say what we think Scripture says about homosexuality but what it says.

I further think that God wants Christians to engage in an open honest discussion on this matter with all it’s ramifications. A discussion spoken in love. So much of the discussion thus far, especially in the media, is loud and bombastic. In order for this discussion to be meaningful it requires us to be biblically informed and prayed up.

In listening to many of the talking heads in the media I find most if not all are ill-informed what the Scriptures say on these matters. They have been unable to distinguish what Phil said God said from what Phil about what God said.

Gus Supan
Catholic Conversations