Christianity has used the word “church” to mean different things at different times, in different places, consequently I think it fitting to make some distinctions regarding
this word church.

Church is most often referred to as the place Christians “go to” on any given Sunday, that is a building with a Cross at the top located at Broad and Main Street.

Some refer to church as a gathering of people in such a building as “My Church”. A place one regularly attends or is an official member thereof.

Others may refer to church as a denomination like Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian etc.

There are those who use the term “unchurched”, I’m not really sure what that means. Unbuildinged?

Then there are those, like me, who use the word as the New Testament does, the ekkelisea, those called out folks who acknowledge Christ as their Lord and Savior and purpose in their hearts to follow after Him no matter in what facility, what congregation, or gathering. They are the true church.

When some one uses the word church, it seems a good thing to ask, what do you mean? A church by the same name is not the same church.

Gus Supan